Watch Sir Elton John Fall Out of a Chair


Okay, this is not hard-hitting journalism, or really any form of journalism whatsoever. But, on Sunday at the Mylan World Team Tennis event in London, Sir Elton John took a royal tumble on television.

John, who was serving as captain for a star-studded tennis legends team at this charitable event, finished congratulating one of his players before returning back to his director’s chair. As he propped himself back onto his perch, the chair gave way, leading to John falling backwards and taking multiple chairs with him.

As those nearby gasped, at least one of the TV commentators fought hard to hold back the laughter after seeing what, or shall we say who, went down.

Despite taking a tumble down the yellow brick road, the tennis tournament’s proceeds went toward the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

You can watch John’s spill right here:

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