Watch Solids Get Animated in their Video for “Blank Stare”



On April 15, Montreal alt-rock act Solids will unleash their much-anticipated Else EP. To help build the excitement, the band has released a video for one the EP’s standout songs, “Blank Stare.” The animated clip is described by visual artist Emilio Esteban, as “a disruptive visual attempt to burn down a house, save dogs, and end with a blank stare at the shore.”

Recently, Solids told us more about the inspiration behind “Blank Stare” in’s About a Song feature.

“Well, the music was written not too long after the release of our first LP,” explains vocalist/guitarist Xavier Germain Poitras. “Since we were always on the road around that time, it took me a while before I finally sat down to write the lyrics for it. It’s mostly about immobilism and all the shapes it can take – from general political stagnation to personal regrets about things you wish you’d done but never did…or plain procrastination.

He continues: “For the music, we did the basic tracks live in separate rooms. Then, I recorded a second guitar and we did the vocals afterwards. At first, the song had a totally different structure, which we messed around with quite a lot in the studio before coming up with the final version. I’m really glad that was done, because that version flows way more naturally than the first takes we did. Looking back at it, I think it makes a lot of sense for a song about immobilism to keep changing. It wasn’t intentional though.”