Benjamin Booker Struggles with Racial Equality in New Video


Louisiana punk-influenced blues rocker Benjamin Booker has released The Future is Slow Coming, a powerful 8:26 music video that features his tracks “Slow Coming” and “Wicked Waters.”

To put it mildly, the James Lees-directed video puts Booker in the midst of a town reeking of racial inequality and police brutality.

Explained Booker on his official Facebook page: “I know the difference between right and wrong and I couldn’t understand how these issues I was reading about in books about the 1950s could still be unresolved. Of course gay marriage should be legal everywhere. Of course anyone who comes to this country for a better life, who has something to contribute, should be accepted. Of course there is no reason for a black kid growing up in Florida to get a cross burned in his yard or get pulled over nine times in a year for nothing. This song was written out of that.”

Booker released his critically-acclaimed Self-Titled debut in 2014 and spent time on the road with Jack White.

Stay tuned for’s forthcoming interview with Booker.

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