Brody Dalle Takes Aim at Macy’s Over Image Use


It’s no secret that rock n’ roll and those who play it often have an affect on the fashion industry. However, playing a role is one brody-dalle-macysthing, but having an image of someone seemingly appropriated by a third-party, without permission, is another.

This, in the eyes of Brody Dalle (formerly of The Distillers) is happening to her through Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s ‘Fashion Rocks’ campaign.

Last year, Dalle took to Instagram to share an old, Mohawk-sporting photo of herself with the caption: “Beware of big corporate assholes ie: Macy’s and Bloomingdales – my name is Brody Dalle and this is me, you cannot use my image for your shitty campaigns ever. Period. @macys.”

Well, it appears that Dalle’s previous public shaming has had zero impact on Macy’s, as today she tweeted out an artistic rendering of what looks to be her on an in-store mirror.

“Here I am selling @Macys crappy fashion rocks campaign without being asked. @Macys doesn’t ask they just STEAL.”

It is unclear if Dalle plans to pursue legal action here, but one has to think she may have a case.

Last year, spoke with Dalle about her cool new solo album, Diploid Love. You can read that right here.

-Adam Grant

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