The Friday 5: Five Important Questions with Andrew W.K.


For years upon years, Andrew W.K. has been preaching the importance of partying and living life to the fullest. Apart from being a andrew_wk-1-smallrecording artist with a rabidly-energetic stage presence, he is also an advice columnist and motivational speaker.

After speaking with W.K. about his career up to now, we had the chance to ask him five really important questions. Here is how that went down:

What is your favourite place to play the piano?

“Well, piano is definitely my top instrument and that’s just because I’ve played it the longest…and that’s how I learned about music. Where to play? That’s the funny part, because a piano’s not very portable. Even a keyboard is still pretty big to lug around. So, wherever there is one. If you happen to be at a restaurant and they have piano there, and they don’t mind you playing it [that’s great]. You never exactly know where you’re going to find one, and the odds are that there usually isn’t one around because they’re so huge a heavy.”

What’s the best pre-show meal?

“No meal. No food at all. With my rigorous show – which is very physical – I can’t really eat four or five hours beforehand. I’ll vomit, or just be really nauseous. It’s more satisfying to eat after the snow, and I’ve learned that the hard way many times.”

What album gets you out of a bad mood?

“There are a lot of albums. I think music in general has that power – that’s one of its best attributes. Any Parliament Funkadelic album has a particularly strong ability to get me into a really full-body, full-mind, full-soul, good feeling.”

What band inspires you?

“I’d say Parliament Funkadelic because of that feeling that I always got – and get even more now. Sometimes things you’ve liked for many years will change over time. But with P-Funk, I’ve only liked them more the longer I’ve been alive. I always hope that my offerings in music – or anything else – can have that same effect on someone else…that they could count on it in that way and it’d always be there for them. P-Funk is like a rock – they always work.”

Who is your biggest fan?

“My parents. They created me, so hopefully they like what they’ve created.”

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