Grohl: A 2nd Season of “Sonic Highways” is Possible


As the Dave Grohl-helmed documentary series, Sonic Highways, gives fans its season finale tonight, word has emerged that the grohl-sonic-highways-newyorkFoo Fighters frontman isn’t opposed to bringing it back for a second season.

On December 3 during an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, the host reminded Grohl that there are more than eight great cities out there, to which the Foo responded, “there might be a season two.”

In season one of Sonic Highways, Foo Fighters are shown visiting and exploring the culture of eight major American music cities. During their travels, they wrote and recorded one song in each city with special guests. This, as we all know, turned into the Sonic Highways album.

During a separate interview with The Pulse of Radio, Grohl had this to say about the winding down of the documentary and the reaction he’s received from viewers: “Seeing the finale episode, it still hasn’t really sunk in. People come up to me on the street all day long and say, ‘I love Sonic Highways and ‘Thank you for Sonic Highways,’ but I’ve been so busy doing other things that it’s hard for me to imagine millions of people actually watching this show that started with a really crazy idea.”

-Adam Grant

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