Kanye Meets Muse, Only Talks About T-Shirts


Kanye West is dying to become a fashion mogul, so perhaps that’s why he took little interest in muse-promospeaking with UK rock heavyweight Muse about music. Instead, he chose to focus on the band’s t-shirts.

“He came backstage at one of our shows [in America],” revealed Muse vocalist/guitarist Matthew Bellamy in an interview with BBC Radio 1. “He was checking out our t-shirts, all he wanted to talk about was t-shirts.”

Beyond riffing about fashion with West, Muse will release its seventh album, Drones, on June 8. Based on the new songs that fans have been exposed to already – “Psycho,” “Reapers” and “Dead Inside” – this album is shaping up to be a beast.

“The songs work in their own right independently, but they gel together based on the concept of drones,” offered Bellamy recently in an interview with Alt 98.7. “The vague narrative follows a kind of protagonist who goes through this journey of losing everything and sort of feeling like [he’s] being brainwashed, being drawn into the military and becoming a person who feels like they’ve lost their soul, [before] eventually coming back and rediscovering it and fighting back against the systems that oppressed them – that journey takes place across the first eight songs of the album and then the ending of the album is a separate epilogue of sorts.”

Maybe West will have a listen?

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