Lady Gaga Hits New Heights in Flying Dress


Lady-Gaga-Flying-DressOn Sunday, Lady Gaga hit new heights by donning a flying dress at her ARTPOP album release party in Brooklyn, NY. Yeah, that’s right, a dress that was able to propel Gaga off the floor and move her about the room.

Called “Volantis,” this sky-high piece of wardrobe is custom fitted for Lady Gaga and looks to be powered by at least some of the same technology that allows a helicopter to get off the ground. It has a helmet to keep the occupant safe, as well as a landing base.

Gaga didn’t have control of the outfit’s flight path, as that was handled by a third-party with remote in-hand.

“It started out in a pub and then in my hotel room, and now we’re here,” explained Gaga of Volantis. “This is a very, very early prototype, so we want you to see her potential today and then imagine where she could go.”

Gaga also confirmed an earlier rumbling that she would be headed to space for a performance.

Check out the video below and let your imagination run wild.