Megadeth’s Mustaine Comments on GNR Reunion



Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine has had his fair share of rock n’ roll drama in his life, including being tossed out of Metallica early on, battling substance abuse issues and experiencing various personnel changes within his own band. Conversely, he’s also had many accomplishments: millions of albums sold, monster respect from the often fickle metal crowd and a new found appreciation for God.
Having seen as much as he has, Mustaine was recently asked on CBC Radio 2 program, The Strombo Show, what he thinks about the original lineup reunion of Guns N’ Roses.

“I don’t know that that’s going to happen,” offered Mustaine. “I certainly hope that it will, but in order for it to truly be a Guns N’ Roses reunion, you gotta ask yourself – who is going to be there? I think that it would be terrific if Steven and Izzy was there too because that would be really, really nostalgic. There’s nothing really keeping them from doing it other than personal differences. I understand that, trust me, I just went through that with the Rust In Peace thing, so sometimes it is not meant to happen – but if it is, that would be so cool.

He continued: “I love Guns N Roses. I think Axl’s a great frontman. I just hope that this thing that happened on Jimmy Kimmel the other day (Axl’s cancelled interview) isn’t an indication of anything that is going to happen with the tour. I don’t know that there’s people nowadays that are going to be hanging out for three, four hours for somebody to show up.”