Metallica Has Recorded “pretty much every show” They’ve Played



When you’ve been around as long as Metallica has, it’s figured that you must have some unreleased music kicking around. Well, in the case of the metal icons, they appear to have a ton of recordings archived and theoretically available to be released.

In a new interview for Metallica’s Met Club members, James Hetfield spoke about the wealth of live recordings the band has and the possibility of releasing it through their own label, Blackened Recordings.

“There’s such a freedom, having your own record company and being able to do cool stuff like this,” offered Hetfield. “And we’ve got so much stuff recorded, pretty much every show we’ve ever done since we knew you could record has been recorded.”

He continued: “Once we started with ProTools, or computer stuff started being involved, then it was way easier. Even the rehearsals, the jam room stuff, all that’s recorded.”

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich recently revealed that the band’s first new album since 2008’s Death Magnetic, should be finished this spring.