Ryan Adams Finishes His “1989” Album


A little less than a month ago, Ryan Adams stunned many by the news that he was covering Taylor Swift’s 1989 album from top to bottom. At first, some thought Adams was being playful, but as he began to share more studio session audio on social media, the more it became clear that this album would be a thing.

Well, in the earlier morning hours today, Adams took to Instagram and said: “LAST MIX IS DONE!!! 1989 IS FINISHEDDDDDD!!!!!!!” In the photo, Adams looks either overjoyed by completing this odyssey, or ready to throw down to some ’90s gangsta rap. We’ll let you decide.

Now, all fans can do is wait and see when/how/if Ryan Adams’ 1989 gets officially released. Considering that Taylor Swift has been very supportive of this tribute – and that Adams runs his own record label, Pax-Am Records – we’d suspect that the red tape is minimal.


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