Tom DeLonge Gets Acoustic on New Solo Track


The battle for headlines continues for Blink-182 members and ex-members, as Tom DeLonge has released a new solo single from his forthcoming To the Stars…Demos, Odds and Ends album.

While the previously released track, “New World,” is much more reminscent of DeLonge’s Blink-182 and Angels And Airwaves days, “The Invisible Parade” is an acoustic, much more subdued affair. The nasaly voice is nowhere to be heard and DeLonge appears to have lots on his mind.

In its accompanying lyrics video, DeLonge spends quality time with a haggered guitar, seemingly contemplating life as he roams the streets, takes refuge in a hallway, or meanders through a diner past a starstruck fan.

To the Stars…Demos, Odds and Ends will be released on April 20.

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