Vinyl Tuesday – Yes, This is Now a Thing


With the rising popularity of Record Store Day and vinyl sales going through the roof, comes vinyltuesdaylogoword that The Dept of Record Stores and those behind Record Store Day will launch something called Vinyl Tuesday.

Unfortunately, a proper date for launch has yet to be disclosed.

According to a press release, Vinyl Tuesday “is an initiative set up by Independent retailers to celebrate vinyl releases. Every Tuesday, participating retailers will celebrate by highlighting special-edition, catalog, promotional, and new releases on vinyl. The goal is to maintain and grow physical retail while giving music fans more compelling reasons to support this important part of the music business community.”

In April, spoke with Record Store Day Canada Chairman, Tim Baker, who discussed the importance of getting music fans into independent record shops.

“The one thing that people and an awful lot of the independent [stores] have to realize is that we are not museums. It’s great to come in and look around, but you want people to buy so that you can stay in business,” said Baker. “We’ve taken a bit of a shit-kicking over the last 10-12 years because of downloading. Eventually, it has to be realized that we need new customers.”

After Record Store Day 2015, data collecting company, BuzzAngle Music, reported that  independent record stores experienced a 24.3% increase in album sales, and a 97.2% upswing in single sales, compared to Record Store Day 2014. It also listed the top-25 selling albums of the day.

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