Vinyl Sales Continue to Soar in the US


As people begin to camp out and clear credit card space for tomorrow’s Record Store Day vinyl-goldfestivities, comes word from Nielsen that vinyl sales in the US this year are continuing to kick much ass.

For the January through March time period, vinyl sales rose 53% compared to the same time last year. During those months, catalogue release (albums that have been out for at least 18 months and aren’t on the charts) sales leaped 66%, while current releases improved by 37%.

As previously reported, vinyl experienced a great upswing in the US during 2014 as sales leapt to 9.2 million units. In 2013, 6.1 million vinyl albums were scooped up.

In 2014, Jack White’s Lazaretto was the highest selling vinyl stateside, with 87,000 units moved. In all, 94 different vinyl album titles sold at least 10,000 copies in the US.

Where was most of the vinyl purchased? According to Billboard, 57% of all vinyl sold in 2014 came from independent record stores.

-Adam Grant

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