Who Sold the Most Vinyl in 2014? We’ll Tell You


As it easy to tell by the continual rise of awesome Record Store Day vinyl exclusives and the general influx of musicians not just vinyl-pic 2relying on CD or digital means for an album’s release, the popularity of vinyl keeps on growing.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, vinyl sales in America reached 7.9 million units this year, up 49% compared to 2013. Which artists were the most responsible for this rise?

Through November 2, Jack White’s Lazaretto ULTRA LP sold 75,700 copies, making it the biggest selling vinyl album since Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy in 1994.

Rounding out the top five is the Arctic Monkeys’ AM (40,600), The Black Keys’ Turn Blue (28,300), Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die (27,200), and Beck’s Morning Phase (25,200).

Stay tuned next week for Riffyou.com’s look at the year that was for vinyl and its loyal lovers.

-Adam Grant
-Photo by The Wall Street Journal

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