Watch Dead Tired Blast Through “All Hands” @ Burly Calling


On night three of Burly Calling VIII, recently formed hardcore quintet Dead Tired got into the faces of fans for a pulverizing 10-song set that never relented.

During Dead Tired’s performance, frontman George Pettit (ex-Alexisonfire) spent 98% of his time in the pit as bodies flew from left to right. His growl and vocal edge were as sharp as ever, while the set gave us a great indication of what’s to come from the band’s forthcoming debut album (Due in 2015 through New Damage Records.)

“If anyone were to compare Dead Tired to Alexisonfire, I would probably judge them as somebody who doesn’t listen to music very well,” said Pettit with a laugh during an interview with “I’m fairly confident that anyone who listens to Dead Tired is going to instantly hear that it’s a different band. I knew that whatever I did now was not going to sound like Alexis.” stood at a safe distance to bring you footage of the band pulsating the room with the track, “All Hands.” You can watch that right here:

-Adam Grant

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