Slayer’s Kerry King Surprised Terrorists Didn’t Previously Target Concerts



Saying that music fans are a little more scared about going to a rock show following the tragic terrorist attack at the Eagles of Death Metal show in Paris, is probably a fair statement to make nowadays.

In a new interview with Gazet van Antwerpen, Slayer guitarist Kerry King spoke out on the matter, initially expressing his surprise that such an incident hadn’t happened at a concert before.

“I am surprised that it took the terrorists this long to target a rock concert,” offered King. Because they hate rock music. They hate our lifestyle. They hate our freedom and they hate that we enjoy ourselves. And, of course, it sucks. What happened makes everybody think twice about risking their lives to see a band play. But if you stop going to concerts or stop playing at them, you just do what the terrorists want you to do. It is very important to carry on and to do what you do, what you love doing. And, you know, I am not the kind of guy that goes through life worrying all the time. We took airplanes right after 9/11. We played shows right after Dimebag [Darrell] was shot. Sure, things can go wrong. But you might also step out this building here and get run over by a car. Just do what you love doing and stop worrying.”

He continued: “I have written a lot of songs about the negative influence of organized religion. What happened in Paris is once again an example of that. I don’t believe what ISIS — or ISIL or whatever you have to call them these days — believe, so therefore I must perish. That’s the most ridiculous thing I have heard in my life. People have been killing each other for centuries because of organized religion.” [translation via Blabbermouth]

Earlier this year, Slayer released its latest album, Repentless. We spoke with drummer Paul Bostaph about it – you can read that interview here.