Lagwagon’s Joey Cape Releasing Solo Album


It’s been busy times for Joey Cape. Last year, he released a new album with Me First and the joey-cape-albumGimme Gimmes, before returning with Hang, the first full-length offering from Lagwagon in nine years. Oh yeah, he also launched One Week Records and did/does a whole whack of touring.

Instead of taking a long deserved siesta, Cape will release his solo album, Stitch Puppy, on September 4 through Fat Wreck Chords.

“Joey Cape will be the first to tell you that the past few years haven’t exactly been the easiest on him,” reads a statement issued by Fat Wreck Chords. “Of course, there’s the problems that affect many an aging punk – Joey is closing in on 50, and it’s not like there’s a pension plan for punk rock – but then there are the permanent departures that continue to mount as a scene that was built on the ‘live fast, die young’ mantra is now losing some of its finest members. It’s a huge reason why Lagwagon’s most recent album, 2014’s incredible Hang, was, well, pretty fuckin’ dark, from the lyrical content to the noose on the cover art. So when you first fire up Joey’s new solo album, Stitch Puppy, you might think you’ll be in for a downer—and, yeah, you’ll get that, at times. But it’s really so much more. But you’ll need to wait until Stitch Puppy’s release…to sink your teeth into it and discover the beauty and the darkness for yourself.”

Leading up to the release of Stitch Puppy, Cape and his Lagwagon brethren will be featured on the Fat Wreck Chords 25th anniversary tour.

Earlier this month, we spoke with Fat Wreck Co-Founder, Erin Burkett, about the label’s history and family-oriented environment. You can read that interview here.

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